Cost of Installing a Paver Patio in Ohio

November 16, 2018

All things considered, a patio installation will typically cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000. Your patio installation cost in Ohio is dependent on a variety of different factors.

First, the estimates vary based on the size, scope of project and the material type you choose to install.

Here are a few different patio surfaces we offer:


Some people prefer to use gravel for their patio because it is the most cost-efficient. Gravel does not require any minimum grade, is easy to maintain and costs only $5 to $7 per square foot.


Flagstone is a patio surface option that is laid out in a thin layer of interlocking shapes. They are easy to maintain with a routine sweep and their hardness scale reflects a tough grade that is resistant to wear and damage. Their irregular shape and requirement of a concrete base make them slightly more costly at $15 to $30 per square foot.

Paver Bricks

These bricks can be laid in an interlocking pattern and require minimum maintenance. The only recommended treatment for this material is a once per year sealer and a polish every two years. This surface contains premium grade quality with consistent color and finish characteristics. It will cost approximately $8-$20 per square foot.

When it comes to determining the cost of a patio installation, we take every aspect of the project into account. For instance, if your patio grading requires a slight pitch to ensure water runs away from the house you might have to pay slightly extra. Your patio will have a well-packed level surface to protect the structural foundation of your home. The foundation must extend below the frost line to remain stable, as each microclimate must have a designated frost depth to ensure a sound structure.

Here are a few other factors that might affect the labor costs associated with a patio installation:

  • Prepwork
  • Depth of soil filling
  • Soil removal through excavation
  • Existing property conditions
  • Chosen surface
  • Soil subgrade (water capacity)
  • Land access
  • Material waste clean up
  • Types of tools used and details included
  • Patio size
  • Design complexity

Your total labor costs will depend on the amenities and patio elements that you choose. Our team is efficient with large scale tools and can provide intricate detail to the space chosen for patio installation. The intricacy of the design and subsequent costs depend on the depth of the cuts and the paver layer patterns. The deeper the cut means more layers which translates to a higher cost. Each job is priced individually based on a safe budget number and is not lumped into a general price budget. We provide top quality workmanship and service to any client who would like to build onto their home.

A patio should serve as a virtual extension of your house, a retreat or entertainment space. The amenities and elements included will be based on the function that you want the patio to perform. We prefer to use locally sourced materials because it is cheaper and lasts longer. Our sustainable building practices and locally sourced materials reduce shipping costs and add-ons and are originated to benefit the customer.

Your investment will appreciate at face value. Our paver patio installation services are sure to bring you a very high return on investment. We carefully consider which features would best complement the landscape of your home. All you need to do to ensure a positive experience with the patio is regularly maintain it.

Amaya’s Landscape specializes in paver patios that can be featured as walkways, driveways, pool decks, and more. Our services include custom paver patios that can curve or bend to any shape or size that would attractively fit your outdoor space. Amaya’s Landscape takes pride in our knowledgeable and seasoned staff who works hard to confirm that our clients wishes are met. We pride ourselves on incredible customer service which includes creating the maximum results.

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