How to Install Landscape Lighting: Basic Instructions

January 11, 2019

A well-landscaped yard is great for increasing the curb appeal of your home. While adding beds, shrubs, trees and other plants give your lawn a great aesthetic, they are just a chunk of what makes a yard look great.

Adding permanent fixtures like landscape lighting can make a big difference in the appeal of your lawn. Lighting installation may sound like a daunting task, but we can assure you it can be done. For the best landscape lighting, trust the professionals at Amaya’s Landscape. We understand the needs of each of our customers and can work with you to ensure that yours are met. Whether it be installing the best landscape lighting or reworking your bedded flowers and plants, Amaya’s Landscaping is the land care company for you.

How to Install Landscape Lighting

The easiest way to install landscape lighting is to trust the professionals at Amaya’s. However, if you want to tackle the project yourself, here are some basic instructions:

  1. Choose Your Lights — There are many different types of lights, as well as different models of each variety. There are a variety of lighting options from spotlights to floodlights. Do your research to see which would illuminate your property best.
  • Pick Your Power Option — You can pick a few different ways to power the lights that you ultimately choose. Some models have built-in solar panels that will store the energy needed power the light. You can also choose traditional electric models, but they will require greater work for their installation.
  • Place the Lights — Now it’s time for the installation to begin. Remember to factor in the way in which your lights will be powered. If you need traditional electrical power, you first should locate the GFCI outlet on your property. Place your lights around the property, then run your cable to the outlet. Connect each light’s power source to the cable.
  • Install the Lights — Your lights should now be tentatively placed and connect. It’s time to install them in their permanent position. Dig a suitable hole for each and then put them with their active cable in the ground. Cover up your trench with the excavated dirt and grass.
  • Set Up a Timer — To fully utilize your newly installed landscape lighting, set-up an automatic timer for the lights to power on and off. Pick a time near sunset and sunrise for the corresponding power function. Plug the timer into the outlet and then plug the cable into the timer. You now have a fully functioning landscape lighting set-up.

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There’s a brief overview of how to install landscape lighting yourself. While not as complicated as some landscaping installations, it is best to leave lighting to the professionals. Amaya’s Landscape is a well-known paver installation company who services Columbus, Ohio and its surrounding cities. All Amaya’s Landscape installation technicians are knowledgeable and experienced and are motivated to provide expert customer service. With our focus on continued communication throughout each project, you will be confident that you are kept in the loop throughout your project and will not be surprised by anything later. Amaya’s Landscape ensures professionalism and guarantees trustworthiness in all projects. Reach out to Amaya’s Landscape if you have ideas for your property that you would like to discuss. Contact Amaya’s Landscape today about the details of your project by calling (614) 354-5398. We look forward to hearing from you!