Most Popular Driveway Ideas for 2019

February 7, 2019

If you own a home, chances are you have a driveway for easy access. Though often overlooked, a driveway can have an impact on your property value by increasing your curb appeal.

There are a few driveway design ideas that you can implement that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the appearance of your home from the street. At Amaya’s Landscaping, we can help you decide and implement the top driveway designs for your home. Whether building or just simply renovating your driveway, the professionals at our driveway installation company Amaya’s Landscaping have you covered. We will help pick the design that is best suited for your home.

Here are a few things to consider to help you get started:

  • Budget — This is a big part of deciding what driveway design you can implement. If you want to install a paver driveway, the upfront cost might be a tad higher than other building materials. However, maintenance for a paver driveway is typical lower than other materials like gravel, which is cheaper to install but more expensive to upkeep. Concrete will give you the middle of the road in terms of install costs and maintenance costs over time.
  • Appearance — The look of your driveway is obviously a large component to consider when designing a new driveway. It can make a big difference in the exterior appearance of your home. Based on your home’s material, color and other design elements, you should vary your driveway’s material to match what you have. Some driveway materials look better with different homes. A gravel driveway might look great if you have a rustic farmhouse cottage but would look out of place in a suburban neighborhood. A brick driveway might look great as a contrast to a colonial-style home.
  • Weather Requirements — Though design and visual appeal are important pluses that a new driveway can bring, the most important aspect is the driveway’s utility. After all, it is the access point from the road to your home. Where you live can play a large part in determining the type of driveway you should build. Precipitation, like snow and heavy rainfall, can take a toll on your driveway, so can large variations in temperature between seasons. The climate in your region should give you insight into the durability requirements for your driveway.
  • Layout — The three most used driveway layouts are straight, circular and curved. Depending on your home’s style and yard you will need to make a decision among these options. You will also need to determine the width requirements, which can be determined by the size of your house and the number of drivers you have living there.

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