Snow Removal Equipment for Commercial and Residential Customers

January 2, 2019

Although winter does not officially begin until Dec. 21, many of us are feeling the effects already.

As snow, sleet and ice pummel your driveway, it’s important to know how to combat the tricky forms of precipitation. At Amaya’s we offer our customers the best, most reliable snow removal service in the Columbus area.

Why try to tackle snow removal on your own? Trust the landscaping and snow removal professionals at Amaya’s Landscape for all your winter property care needs.

We are the best residential snow removal service offered at a fair price; however, if you want to take on your own snow removal, we have a few suggestions for equipment for commercial and residential removal.

Residential Snow Removal Equipment

A lot of our customers are property owners who need driveway snow removal. To complete this task, there are a few different pieces of equipment you can use.

  • Snow Shovel — The oldest and most trusted method of removing snow from your property is the old-fashioned way, with a snow shovel. It may seem like all snow shovels are created equal; however, this is not the case. The type of shovel you choose makes a big difference in the ease of your snow removal process. Choose a medium or large-shovel with metal edge. This will allow you to cut through any precipitation that hits your drive-way. We recommend purchasing a True Temper SnoBoss or a Suncase SC3950.
  • Snow Blower — Snow blowers are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners in need of snow removal. The units are more affordable than they once were and work more efficiently as well. If you have a large driveway or are physically unable to shovel, then a snow blower may be for you. We recommend the Toro PowerClear or the Snow Joe SJ622E.

Commercial Snow Removal Equipment

If you own commercial property or need to maintenance a commercial space your now removal needs are likely larger than a typical homeowner. With larger spaces comes a need for equipment that can handle more snow. Here is some of the best equipment for commercial snow removal:

  • Plows — If you need to remove snow from a large property, a plow is the most effective way of doing so. You need a vehicle, like an equipped truck or construction equipment, to attach the plow to. Should you have the equipment, this is best way to keep your commercial property plowed. We recommend the Snow/Doze Angle Blade or Cabela’s Universal Plow.
  • Snow Blower — If your commercial space isn’t all that large or you don’t want to invest a big sum into getting a plow, then an industrial snow blower is your best option. They operate the same way as residential snow blowers. The only difference is that they are equipped to take on more snow. We recommend the Troy-Bilt Storm 2 or the Pro Max-34 HP 2 Stage.

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Amaya’s Landscape is a Columbus, Ohio landscape maintenance company. They are highly qualified professionals who can take away some of the stress that changing seasons brings. Amaya’s Landscape, LLC is experienced with snow removal in Columbus, Ohio. We offer services to remove snow from driveways, sidewalks and your landscape. We can also apply salt, de-ice your property and plow. Prepare for this winter by hiring a Columbus professional snow removal company that can prepare you for the winter weather. If you are searching for a snow removal plan for this winter, contact Amaya’s Landscape LLC.