Tips on Cleaning Brick Pavers

January 29, 2019

Brick pavers are commonly used for patio construction because of their durability and strength that can withstand external forces. Brick pavers are different than regular bricks because they are larger and heavier, which is better for your outdoor patio structure. The maintenance required for brick paver patios is relatively low. Although the maintenance required for brick pavers is low, there are some things to keep in mind when cleaning your brick pavers.

1. Sweep Often

The bricks will need to be swept when you see fit to prevent a buildup of dust, dirt, rocks or mud, leaves, etc. Failing to sweep off your brick pavers when appropriate can lead to more serious issues occurring. The accumulation of these elements can lead to stains appearing that are hard to remove. Regularly sweeping your brick pavers will help to prevent this from happening and will help clean out the cracks in between the pavers.

2. Wipe Stains Right Away

Even with regular sweeping, brick pavers can develop stains that are hard to remove and unattractive. One stain can affect the look and feel of your entire paver patio and portray your property in a negative light. When you see a stain appear on your brick pavers, it is important to wipe the stain away as soon as you can. Abandoning stains on bricks will typically result in an increase in effort that is needed to remove the stain later. 

Use Soap

Stains should be wiped with soap and water to remove the stain to the best of your abilities. It is recommended to purchase a brick paver stain remover or create your own cleaning solution to do the job. Corn starch, baking soda and dry sand are known to absorb liquid and help get rid of stains. Degreaser detergent is also recognized as a successful way to remove stains from brick pavers.

Seal Every 3 Years

Even though brick pavers are not the same as regular bricks in regard to weight and size, they are both made of clay. Thus, brick pavers need to be sealed about every 3 years to avoid water from getting into the clay and damaging the pavers. Without regular sealing of brick pavers, there is a huge risk of greater destruction that could affect your entire patio. It would be best fitting to hire expert patio contractors in Columbus, Ohio to seal your paver patio successfully.

Know When It’s Time to Replace

At a certain point, there will be too much damage to a paver to come back from. In this occurrence, simply replace the damaged paver with an undamaged paver that matches the existing pavers. Leaving impaired bricks for too long will present an eye sore and can lead to other bricks becoming damaged. 

Keeping up with brick pavers on a regular basis is the best way to prevent damage from occurring and developing into a major issue. Stay on top of damage control to prevent the spread of damages. The above tips can be referenced to assist you with cleaning and caring for your brick pavers appropriately. A brick patio installation company in Columbus, Ohio can answer any questions that you may have regarding the cleaning of brick pavers. Amaya’s Landscape is the patio installation and restoration company in central Ohio that can deliver all of your needs. Call Amaya’s Landscape today to book our services!