Why is Fall Cleanup Necessary

November 28, 2018

As the fall comes to a close, it is crucial to get your lawn ready for winter.

The benefits of a fall leaf clean-up don’t just take effect immediately. The work from a professional leaf clean-up landscaper can carry over to the spring when your lawn begins anew.

To maintain a healthy lawn year-round, it is imperative that you take the proper steps to ensure your yard is cared for. The professionals at Amaya’s Landscape can do just that. Whatever the season, Amaya’s can give you the quality care you need.

Many homeowners do not realize the full impact that post-summer lawn maintenance can have on your lawn. Leaf removal and winterization often proves to be time consuming and hassle-filled. To make your lawncare the priority it should be, trust Amaya’s Landscaping. We will overhaul your backyard just in time for the coming cold.

Potential Damage to Your Lawn

Fallen leaves are more than just an unsightly nuisance for you and your neighbors. They can cause lasting damage to the grass around your home. Foremost, they deprive the grass of necessary sunlight to feed the plants’ root system. Along with the photosynthesis deprivation, leaves can get wet when fall rains fall. Soggy leaves will rot and subsequently mold on your lawn. The decaying leaf matter can attract pests and other insects, which can damage your grass.

Leaf Removal Tips

It is of the utmost importance to remove fallen leaves promptly as they accumulate. By getting into this habit, you can avoid the yard damage pitfalls listed above.

The most simple and oldest method of leaf removal is raking your lawn. It is a cheap and efficient manner to keep your lawn free from dead, brown leaves. However, it can be a strenuous activity, especially for older adults. Additionally, your municipality may have untimely routines for removing leaves from the curb. Leaf pick-up often only occurs once per month in October and November in Ohio. If you are not on top of your raking routine, you could potentially leave decaying leaf piles scattered across your lawn.

Another easy and time effective way to keep your grass looking green even as fall sets in is by mowing and bagging dead leaves from your lawn. Most mowers come with bag attachments, which will collect the leaves from your yard without much effort. From here, you can pile up leaves the same way you do following a raking session, waiting for them to be picked up by your community.

If piling leaves is not for you, lawn mowers do an effective job of mulching fallen leaves. The mowed pieces around your lawn can improve grass health by acting as fertilizer over the winter. It’s a free way to keep your grass fed as the snow falls.

What Else We Will Do

We will take care of raking up leaves and composting them, updating seasonal flowers and plants, weed control, mulching, taking care of leaves or grass clippings, fertilizer application, cleaning up lawn debris and branches, cutting grass and pruning. You may not have the time necessary to clean up your property during the messy autumn months, but our professional fall cleanup services in Columbus can do the dirty work for you!